Prime Now! Clanwar request [DM]


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Prime Now! Clanwar request [DM]

Postby Seeky » 23 Jan 2018, 00:20

Clan name & tag: pN# Prime Now!
Date & time: Will be discused, we prefer Saturdays.
Server: Ours/Yours - as you want
Ammount of players: 5V5
Rounds and maps: 10 maps - 2 rounds on each map
5 Ours 5 Yours - Will be added if the cw is accepted.
Contact: martin19183 (skype)
Your rules:
Max ping: 250 (the player has to replace himself with a reserve in case his/her ping jumps(spikes) above 280)
- Min FPS: 42
- Everyone from each clan is able to participate in a clan war
- Every clan is allowed to pick 2 HDM maps.
- If someone times out before the round starts, we restart the round.
- If someone times out while the map is running, we continue playing.
- If the ping of a player hits above 300 multiple times in a row, he is unable to play the CW until he gets his ping stable again.
- Any kind of insulting, begging or flaming is going to be punished with a mute. CW players can't be punished without being warned.
*In case the player keeps insulting, begging or flaming (e.g. nick changing), he will be banned from the server.
- In case of draw after the 20 rounds, CW managers will discuss about it and decide if they want a draw or play additional round(s).
- After 10th round we are taking either 5 or 10 minutes break.
- CW can't be canceled two days before or later.

Deathmatch rules:
- If no one from each teams reaches the hunter, the player who went the farthest wins the point.
- If both teams fail in the same part, we will restart the map.
- Skipping useless nitro and repair pickups is allowed.
- Skipping vehicle pickups is not allowed.
- Waiting for nitro is allowed.
- Driving backward parts forward is allowed.
- In case of shortcutting, the player will be eliminated without the possibility of replacing him.

Hunter rules:
- The team with the last survivor gets the point.
- Shooting the vehicles with hunter is allowed.
- Spraying on vehicles or hunters is not allowed.
*More than 3 shots per 5 seconds is spray.
*In case of killing vehicle(s) with a spray, point for the "damaged" team.
*In case of killing hunter(s) with a spray, we are restarting the fight on a hunter map without the sprayer.

- Shooting other hunters is allowed after the countdown has finished.

*In case a player with hunter gets killed before the countdown has finished, point for the "damaged" team.
- Back shooting while getting hunter is not allowed. In case of back shooting, the team which has been backshot gets the point.
- If someone is stuck in decorations with hunter, he can't get killed until he gets away.
*In case someone dies due being stuck in the decorations, we are restarting the fight on a hunter map.
- We are playing hunter fights on an open hunter map.
*In case the player(s) running on purpose to a map limit, Referee(s) are allowed to put a closed hunter map.
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Re: Prime Now! Clanwar request [DM]

Postby Hase » 23 Jan 2018, 00:29


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Squad leader - deathmatch

Squad leader - deathmatch
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Re: Prime Now! Clanwar request [DM]

Postby Cyanide » 25 Jan 2018, 17:37


Start: 4.2.2018 20:00
Server: mtasa://

Black Scorpions maps:
Gteatero - Dark Inception III
DC v.19 - Drift
Cookie v7.5 - Dark Era of Skills
D0GGy - v7 - D0GGys style
Arrow ft. Chipy - Crash Report

Prime Now! maps:
eXcy v1 - Sorrow
Moonlight v6 - Symmetry
Sveteran v6 - Unlock the power
Gteatero - Dark Inception V
Gteatero - Noxious Force I

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Squad leader - deathmatch

Squad leader - deathmatch
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Re: Prime Now! Clanwar request [DM]

Postby Cyanide » 04 Feb 2018, 14:17

CW je Zkontumováno
Nedostatek hráčů na straně Black.

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