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Rules for clan members

1. Players can be accepted or rejected by a members of the leadership (CL, ACL, SL, ASL).
2. Prohibited is copying and sending clan messages to people who aren't part of the clan.
3. Every player is obliged to write an apology on the forum if going to miss some time (7 or more days).
4. Activity: Be active mainly in the game and on the skype. Also you should check out the forum for new join requests or news.
5. Respect the rules of all server where you're playing. Be respectful and polite.
6. If you're owner of the secondary in-game account, leadership must know your login.

Rules for non-clan members

1. Don't make a double posts on the forum.
2. Respect the decisions of the leadership and don't harass players to look up on your application.
3. Advertisement is not allowed.
4. Be polite on the forum.

Disrespecting the rules won't be tolerated!